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MKV to MP4

MKV to MP4

I’ve created a simple bash script to convert mkv to mp4 container quickly. The script will allow you to batch convert multiple mkv files or convert one at a time depending on your needs. You can also append a subtitle srt file to your mp4 with this this script.

Fast Conversion

When it comes to mkv and mp4, they are just containers for the actual video and audio data. What this means is that you do not need to re-encode which can take very long depending on the mkv size. If you simply convert mkv to mp4 container you maintain the same quality and it’s done within a few seconds to 1-2 minutes depending on mkv file size.

Why Convert

There can be a few reasons for converting mkv to mp4. The mp4 container has much more compatibility across different platforms. I have an old playstation 3 which does not support mkv files, so I simply convert them to mp4 using this script. This allows me to play all my files on my playstation without spending lots of time re-encoding.


Tested on ubuntu & xubuntu

  1. Place your mkv files in the the input folder
  2. Optional - place srt in the srt folder
  3. Now execute the script in a terminal as follows:
  4. Your mp4 converted files will be in the output folder
Tags: linux
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