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Pause and Resume Wget Downloads


There are many download managers out there that get the job done, but wget is arguably the best one. Wget is a linux command line utility to manage all types of downloads. Whenever you have any large files to download or need to use the ftp protocol, wget is your best bet. I’ll show you a few neat ways to use wget.

wget Download

You can download any type of file like text based and archives or any other. The typical usage for wget looks as follows.

wget [options] [url-to-file]

To download a file we run the basic wget download command as below. Make sure to open your terminal in the directory you wish to download to.

wget https://example.com/filename.zip

That is all. You should now have the file downloaded to the directory you chose.

Pause wget Download

If you find yourself in a situtation where you’re downloading a large file and need to shutdown your computer during the download for whatever reason, no problem, you can pause the download.

In the terminal window that is downloading your file just enter the following keyboard shortcut.

Ctrl + c

This will stop the download and then you can shutdown your computer if you need. To resume the download, read on.

Resume wget Download

To resume a wget download it’s very straight forward. Open the terminal to the directory where you were downloading your file to and run wget with the -c flag to resume the download.

wget -c https://example.com/filename.zip

Other wget Uses

  • FTP downloads:
wget ftp://ftp.example.com/filename.zip
  • Read download URLs from a file:
wget -i filename
  • Specify the directory to download to:
wget https://example.com/filename.zip -P /path/to/directory/
  • If you need a download to overwrite an existing file:
wget https://example.com/filename.zip -O /path/to/directory/filename.zip


Wget is a powerful linux command line utility that can suit the needs of both novice and power users alike. What I’ve covered in this tutorial should suffice for most use cases.

There are many more options you can run with wget. Check out the wget manual for more.

man wget
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