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Install ADB On Linux

Install ADB On Linux

If you’re looking to install adb on Linux, but don’t want to install Android Studio then this guide is for you. Android Studio is a development environment for creating android apps, but it’s a large download and installation if all you need is adb and fastboot. Below is a guide to install just adb and fastboot which will be a very small download and quick installation.

This guide is intended for xubuntu and most distributions based on ubuntu, but should also work on most other linux distributions.


  1. Download SDK Platform Tools
  2. Place the downloaded zip file in your home folder and then extract it and you should get a folder named platform-tools (do not rename it).
  3. In terminal run this command. Change “gedit” for your default text editor.
    gedit admin://$HOME/.bashrc
  4. When the file opens, go to the very bottom and copy/paste the following 2 lines…
    # Android tools
    export PATH=${PATH}:~/platform-tools
  5. Now logout then log back in or alternatively reboot your computer.
  6. Set your phone to usb debugging in developer options then plug it to your computer.
  7. Open a terminal on your computer and enter….
    adb devices

If all went well, you should see your phone’s serial number and you’ll be ready to use adb.

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