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LG G Stylo Katana ROM

LG G Stylo Katana ROM
LG G Stylo Katana ROM
LG G Stylo Katana ROM

The LG G Stylo Katana ROM is based on the 5.1.1 v10J firmware for the MetroPCS and T-Mobile LG G Stylo. Katana brings many UI and performance enhancements beyond the stock factory rom from LG, thus improving the user experience. The rom is lightweight and operates smoothly. Katana also comes with a nice theme that was tastefully done. Full details below…

Katana ROM Features:

  • ​Deodexed - zipaligned - busybox - rooted
  • Barebones debloated (Get Gapps from play store & LG bloat apps from my deodexed flashable bloat zips)
  • Replaced part of settings LG skin with stock android
  • Settings font changed from black to dark grey and sharpened.
  • Replaced most of LG teal blue with Katana blue
  • Removed carrier text from lockscreen & notification dropdown
  • QuickSettings flashlight mod
  • Recovery & SuperSU menu shortcut mod
  • Stock android battery with percentage
  • Cyanogenmod AudioFX or Dolby Atmos EQs
  • SD fix
  • Manual camera mod
  • Screen density (304)
  • Support for all apps in split window
  • Disabled headset loud volume warning
  • TCP tweak
  • ​Katana boot animation
  • Xposed framework
  • Icons used: Polycon & Candycons
  • Weather widget used: Chronus

Katana Kernel Features:

  • ​​Built from source code with linaro optimized toolchain
  • GPU overclocked to 450 mhz (for improved gaming performance)
  • CPU undervolt on lower frequencies (for saving battery when idle or screen off)
  • Added HyperX governor and set to default (very fast)
  • Conservative governor (for battery saving)
  • Added SIO and FIOPS schedulers
  • Lowered transition latency for Ondemand governor from 10mil to 9mil (for smoothness)
  • Running kernel mode NEON
  • -O2 optimized (might go -O3 on next update)
  • New logger interface “/sys/kernel/logger_mode” (0 = disable & 1 = enabled) 0 is default. Ask on forum how to use.
  • cflags optimizations (-mtune=cortex-a53 -mfpu=neon-vfpv4 -fgraphite -mfloat-abi=hard) and many more.
  • noatime for reduced overhead
  • SE linux permissive
  • Disabled LG Root Check Tool
  • init.d support (for running custom scripts)
  • Insecured (root shell)
  • Read Over Write(row) sheduling as default (for ui smoothness)


  1. ​Go into twrp and do a backup.
  2. In twrp choose “Wipe > Factory reset”. Do not skip this!
  3. Now choose Install and flash the Katana rom zip.
  4. While still in twrp flash the MetroPCS or T-Mobile partitions from HERE.
  5. After flashing both, reboot and enjoy!
  6. First boot-up takes about 5 minutes, so be patient.

Optional Flashable Extras:

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