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LG Optimus F3 Freedom Kernel

LG Optimus F3 Freedom Kernel

Want more control over your device? Consider installing the LG Optimus F3 Freedom kernel lite or overclocked. With these kernels you’ll have features like init-d or overclocking. There’s also a few governors to play with to help manage performance.

When There's Freedom, There's Potential...
Freedom Kernel

There are two kernels to choose from within an Aroma installer. Full details below…

Both kernels are for the MS659 and P659.

Freedom Lite features:

  • Unsecured
  • Loki’d
  • Frandom built in for increased speed
  • Android TRIM Support
  • Conservative governor
  • SmartassV2 governor
  • Intellidemand governor
  • Superbad governor
  • Init.d support

Freedom Overclocked features:

  • 1.404 ghz CPU overclock
  • 1.3 ghz L2 cache boost clock – details
  • Plus all features of Freedom Lite


  1. Boot into recovery.
  2. Make a backup if you haven’t already.
  3. Flash the zip and choose the kernel you wish to install.
  4. Done! Reboot!
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