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LG Optimus F6 Freedom Kernel

LG Optimus F6 Freedom Kernel

This LG Optimus F6 Freedom kernel is packed with tons of modifications. There’s many governors and schedulers to tune the performance just right. Installation is also a breeze with the Freedom installer app in the Play Store. The app also fully controls the kernel to make sure you can tweak it to your liking. Full details below…

When There's Freedom, There's Potential...
Freedom Kernel

For the LG Optimus F6 MS500 & D500.


  • 1.728 ghz CPU overclock
  • 144 mhz CPU underclock
  • 480 mhz GPU overclock
  • 1.3 ghz L2 cache boost clock
  • Unsecured
  • Loki’d
  • Frandom built in for increased speed
  • Android TRIM Support
  • ROW scheduling algorithm
  • Conservative governor
  • Adaptive governor
  • Lazy governor
  • Badass governor
  • Intelliactive governor
  • Intellidemand governor
  • Wheatley governor
  • Freedom governor
  • AbyssplugV2 governor
  • Darkness governor
  • Lionheart governor
  • ROW scheduler
  • SIO Plus scheduler
  • Tripndroid scheduler
  • ZEN scheduler
  • FIOPS scheduler
  • SIO scheduler
  • FIFO scheduler
  • VR scheduler
  • Init.d support


  1. For Metro PCS firmware 12b and T-mobile firmware 10h
  2. Install Freedom Kernel app from the Play Store
  3. Follow in-app instructions
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